Carpender Estate

The Carpender Estate was built by Sydney Carpender in the 1910s. It was bought by the University in 1965 and is now the Rutgers University Inn and Conference Center.

Proposal Details

George Brnilovich III is proposing a redesign of the Arbor Trail along with a Master Planting Plan for the site. His design addresses the two pools and retaining wall area along the trail. He plans for his design to provide education opportunities for Landscape Architecture, Landscape Industry, Ecology, and Art. One way is through design-build studio opportunities. There is also the potential for “rot plots” along the trail - spots where dead trees are allowed to stay to teach the ecology of decay - but there are concerns with safety and liability. He hopes the site can be fully utilized as a living laboratory.

Eliot Nagele is developing a Master Plan for the Carpender Estate. Like George, he also sees the area as a potential living lab with opportunities for active learning. Some examples are ecology and meadow research, construction projects, and species identification.

Site Challenges

  • Deer Management
  • Potential lack of maintenance
  • Current lack of awareness of the Carpender Estate and Arbor Trail

Current Efforts

George, Eliot, the Inn, a few classes, and a few student organizations have been working on clearing trails and making new trails on the site. Signs are being made for the site, and an advisory committee for the project is being formed.

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Planting Plan by George Brnilovich III